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Review – Touchdown USA for Amstrad CPC

So you want to be an American Football manager, you want to take your team to the ultimate glory, with Touchdown USA gridiron management simulator, you can take your team all the way to the Superbowl.  Choose one of 5 difficulty levels from beginner to expert.  Select a famous American Football team from two groups of eight. The computer will choose whether you play as the black or white team in the main game.

You watch the American flag & national anthem play (its the only sound in game).  Options screen is where you change team and player names, obtain loans, enter the transfer market and play a game. Playing a game will open a menu to conduct transfers but only one transfer per game, it will also inform you of any injuries after matches.

You have $250,000 in the bank to begin with so you will have to be shrewd in the transfers as some of the more highly skilled players are very expensive.  Gameplay shows half an American Football pitch which is in four colour mode 1 with small sprites.12506864_10153976659721336_64727419_n

You just watch the computer play out a game, usually one pass then a player scores a touchdown, and it switches ends so the opposition can have a feel of some fairness but when are these chance type of games ever fair ?

Its appeal is limited as it all becomes quite boring, there’s not a great deal of excitement going on and you’re most likely lose interest quickly, but if you love sport management games give it a go for lovers of management simulators you may just like this.   3 out of 10.

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