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UPP! Homebrew Released for Atari 2600

To say that the Atari 2600 is dead is only half right.  If you are talking about going to Walmart and buying games then yes, it is dead.  If you are a little more open minded and know where to look (around here at RGM is a good start) then you can find a plethora of new Atari 2600 games.  For example, UPP! for the Atari 2600 is a new take on an old idea.  If you have played, or remember, Breakout then you know the basics of UPP!  The difference is, those basics are turned on their heads here.

The idea of Breakout holds true in UPP! except it is not you playing that classic.  NO, here you are the ship on the playfield trying to avoid the iconic paddle and ball.  While the game is playing out a game of Breakout you are controlling a spaceship that is trying to collect a power up that drops, rather lazily, from the top of the screen.  I say lazily drops because that power up is in no way a hurry to get to your ship.  Once you collect the power up some of the blocks disappear from the playfield.  Beating a level requires enough blocks be gone so that you can pass through into the opening that drifts across the top of the screen.

Complicating matters are random laser shots from the bottom of the screen.  Hitting those, or the ball, will cost you a life.  UPP! is a quirky take on the classic Breakout premise, something expanding on the idea.

UPP! is made available on cartridge, available on Etsy, complete with box and manual.  If you are more of a digital gamer, or wish to try before you pay too much, you can hit up the store.  This is a great opportunity to try UPP! out, support an indie developer and help more titles be developed.

Carl Williams

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