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5 New Sega Master System Games

The Sega Master System did not fare all that well in the United States.  Partly to being mishandled by Sega and partly due to restrictive licensee agreements Nintendo enforced.  Take your pick.  While the Master System did flourish in other countries, in North America it just couldn’t gain much of a foothold.  In the United Kingdom and Brazil Sega enjoyed quite a bit of success with their 8-Bit console.  No matter where you live though, there are fans somewhere that are working to keep the Master System alive and kicking with new software.  I have gathered five of the best examples of new games all in one place for you, our friends.

Waimanu Scary Monsters Saga by Disjointed Studio out of Italy is a spiritual successor of sorts to the classic Sega arcade game, Pengo (1982).  Sega never ported that classic to the Master System but fans are stepping up and making their version.  32 levels across 4 stages await the homebrew fan.  Available for free from the Disjointed Studio website.

Duke Nukem by Revo (not our site sponsors, rather a homebrew developer) is an unofficial port of the original Duke Nukem game.  The 2D side scrolling action adventure title.  This one is not complete but still being worked on so expect some limitations here and there.  Available for free from Revo’s website.

Bruce Lee by Kagesan is a port of the original 1984 Datasoft action game of the same name.  This one was covered by us here and is still an interesting action title for any Master System fan.  Get your copy from SMSPower.

Ski Master by efry, Niloct, Edwin Diaz is a downhill ski simulator.  Similar to Slalom and other ski games for other platforms, you have to pass through the poles and avoid obstacles.  Grab your copy from SMSPower.

Gaudream is a Flappy Bird style game that I covered here on Retro Gaming Magazine.  The graphics are detailed and the game is challenging as all get out.  SMSPower have the download.

Got a new Sega Master System game?  Let me know in the comments or through the contact link at the top of the page there.

Carl Williams

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