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5 New Sega Genesis Games

Since the “5 New Sega Master System Games” article was a great success I figured why not give Sega Genesis fans the same opportunity. There is not nearly as much stuff being developed for the Sega Genesis as there is the Sega Master System though. That makes it a little tougher to find interesting new games but they are out there. Here I have collected five of them for you. They run the gamut of genres so buckle up and enjoy.

Mega Cheril Perils by the Mojon Twins. This is a 2D side view action platform title. It is a single screen affair so you won’t really see the Genesis hardware pushed to its limits here. You have to avoid the enemies and navigate the screens to reach a timer. Hit the timer and the enemies freeze and you can stomp them and complete the screen. I covered Mega Cheril Perils here on RGM before.

Doroppu by Repixel8 is a puzzle title programmed in BasiEgaXorz (Genesis BASIC). Similar to Puyo Puyo the objective is to match 3, or more, blocks to make them disappear from the screen. Watch the video for an idea how this is unique and interesting. Repixel8’s website has the download.

Tro-Now is a TRON Cycles game. You may know this style of game by many other names but it is still the same game. What is interesting in Tro-Now is that it is compatible with the Sega CD and the Tron Legacy Soundtrack. How cool is that?  Bit Bit Jam 2015 entry.

Star Chaser is an action puzzle hybrid set in a maze. Whew, a mouthful. Grab the stars before your opponents do and score the most points. Simply, clean fun. forums for the download.

Dragon’s Castle is a work in progress, 2D side scrolling action adventure starring a witch. This is an interesting one in that it is a platform title- not many of those in the homebrew community. forums for the download.

Got a homebrew project and want us to feature it here on Retro Gaming Magazine? Let me know either in the comments or via the contact form at the top of the page.

Carl Williams

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3 Responses to “5 New Sega Genesis Games”

  1. […] console, one that homebrew developers are still making sing with new titles. This is my second “collection” article for the Sega Genesis and the latest in a continuing line of articles of new games for […]

  2. Berto Yulianto says:

    There’s a new SEGA Genesis games that made appearance at TooManyGames 2016. It’s called Humiliation Nation.
    Although the event is over, we could still buy it here :

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