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Review- Winchester on the Amstrad CPC

Set in the old wild west, this is a run n gun shoot to kill style game. Released as a French only game, i was unable to locate much information about the game itself. What i played of it, i found the objective is to run to an end point to get to the next level without losing your five lives.  Along the way you must avoid enemy cowboys shooting bullets and throwing knives towards you.  There are 5 levels or parts which can be selected seperately but the gameplay is very repetitive, nothing changes between levels except some backgrounds. If the game wasnt hard enough there is also a kind of large vulture bird flying above you dropping TNT explosives that are difficult to avoid.  The graphics suit the style of game but the movement and scrolling are jerky and slow.  Controls are not very responsive, whch meant i was losing lives quite easily.  There is a french style wild west tune playing but it doesnt add much improvement to the game.

Winchester by Chip
Platform: Amstrad CPC
Genre: Action
Released: 1988
3 out of 10.

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