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Battlesport Proves 3DO Can Ruin Friendships – Today in History – January 1st, 1996

This is a game that brings back the feel goods for me.  When I bought a 3DO it was after I joined the Marines (I shipped to boot camp the day after this game was released).  I liked this one a lot for some reason, it was just so different than what I was used to on Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.  Battlesport was obviously more fun in multiplayer but it still offered a decent challenge in single player mode.  Critics of the time raked it over the coals but for those of us that were just playing games to have fun, it didn’t get much better than this.  While I understand it is quite a flawed game by today’s standards, for the time, this was pretty cool.

Battlesport was like 3D one on one soccer.  Except you are in a hovercraft and can blow your opponent up.  Scoring worked the same but that goal could be in some devious locations.  When playing with a friend it is almost more fun to ignore the scoring and simply blow each up as much as possible.  Great times.  Also a great way to end a friendship- almost as bad as Super Mario Kart on Super Nintendo was.

Battlesport hit the Playstation console in June 1997, the Sega Saturn one year after the 3DO release and Windows the same day it hit the Playstation.  The Playstation version got raked over the coals the most by reviewers who panned it for not being needed or something.  I beg to differ.  Battlesport was a great little game to just sit down with and burn an hour or two vegging out with some anger inducing gaming.

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Carl Williams

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