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Mr Do Collection by Collectorvision Could Be Coming for ColecoVision Console

Collectorvision are quite the prolific game developers.  They are not only working on at least one game for the Coleco Chameleon console but also possibly other titles.  One such title that I have uncovered is a possibly Mr. Do Collection for the ColecoVision console.  For fans of the arcade games this is great news as there has apparently been quite a bit of work done on this already.

Over on AtariAge’s forums, Jean-Francois Dupuis posting under his account “retroillucid” has shown off some work in progress screens.  Mr. Dupuis also states that his company “…want[s] to release a Mr Do’s Collection…” presumably on the ColecoVision.  I make the assumption that this is intended for the ColecoVision console due to where it was posted and the lack of comment as to any other platforms.

For those not familiar with Mr. Do, the object is similar to that of Dig Dug.  Move Mr. Do around the playfield and collect fruit.  Much like Dig Dug, Mr. Do does have an offensive weapon for the enemies that patrol the freshly dug tunnels.  When a creature captures Mr. Do a life is lost.  Lose all of them and it is game over.  Pretty simple.Mr_Do_Colecovision_Collectorvision_Collection_retro_retrogaming

The other play mechanics involve dropping apples down long shafts to crush enemies below.  This is, again, similar to Dig Dug in many ways.  Even enemies are similar.  Such as the green fire breathing guy in Dig Dug being able to transform and come after you through the rock.  Mr. Do has a similar enemy to contend with.

Mr. Do was released in Japanese and American arcades in 1982.  Over the years, we have seen Mr. Do ported to Atari 2600, ColecoVision, and many other consoles.  Mr. Do has also made appearances on computers such as the MSX, Commodore 64 and Apple II among many others.

I will be following this closely.  Hopefully I can find out some more details on Mr. Do Collection such as verifying what platform it is for, maybe more screens and possibly box art.

For now, head over to the AtariAge forums and join the discussion.

Carl Williams

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4 Responses to “Mr Do Collection by Collectorvision Could Be Coming for ColecoVision Console”

  1. It would be neat to see all five Mr. Do! games in an affordable package. Especially so on a modern, mainstream console.

    • Carl Williams says:

      The original post that I sourced was in the ColecoVision section of AtariAge so that leads me to believe that this would be a ColecoVision game. I agree though, on a modern platform it should be relatively easy to keep costs down (at least packaging/media used).

      • Failing that, there’s always emulation. There’s so much going against products like this: mainstream apathy for b-list games like this, high prices for collectibles, nit picky “serious gamers,” and the fact that the tiny ROM files are just a click away and can run on a $5 computer.

        • Carl Williams says:

          Oh definitely. You have listed some big reasons for them to not do this or for this to see failure. Personally, as I have aged I have found it harder and harder to justify $50+ for limited run cartridge releases. It just isn’t in the budget.

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