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Beast Within- A Gabriel Knight Mystery Jumps to FMV – Today in History – December 31st, 1995

What do you do when you are Sierra On-Line, a company known for pushing the envelope, and it is the dawn of a new age in computing?  CD-ROM technology was picking up, becoming cheaper and more widespread with computer gamers. Basically, 1995 was probably the first year that publishers could actually turn a profit in this new format.  Sierra On-Line was in a nice position at this time. They had the success of the first Gabriel Knight game to build off of and this opportunity to do something completely new.  They took adventure games into the full motion video (FMV) realm with The Beast Within- A Gabriel Knight Mystery.

The storyline of The Beast Within- A Gabriel Knight Mystery is not for the faint of heart. This is something that Sierra On-Line was quickly becoming known for. For proof of this check out their Fantasmagoria releases- just don’t play in the dark. Here though, we have werewolf mythology, Bavarian history and a business woman wrought with sexual tension  Yeah, this is not a game for the young ones to enjoy.  Not by a long shot.

The music for The Beast Within- A Gabriel Knight Mystery was handled by the one and only Robert Holmes. Mr. Holmes is a member of the popular music group, The Scarlet Furies, where his daughter does lead vocals. Mr. Holmes has quite the catalog of music to point at. He has done so many games that you probably have heard at least one of his soundtracks without knowing it.

The world of full motion video games gets a bad rap. This is because people only want to point fingers at the least impressive of the lot. Titles such as The Beast Within- A Gabriel Knight Mystery showed that FMV games don’t have to be boring and the exact same thing over and over again.

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Carl Williams

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