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Virtua Fighter 2 Earns Ring Out Victory on Sega Saturn – Today in History – December 30th, 1995

Sega continued their arcade in the home initiative with Virtua Fighter 2.  Other arcade titles they brought into the living room included the first Virtua Fighter and Sega Rally Championship.  Virtua Cop and many other titles that came later continued defining Sega’s dominance in this area.  While Sony was busy focusing on original titles and building new brands, Sega was focusing on continuing their well-known titles.  Virtua Fighter 2 was just another notch in the belt of Sega and they wore it proudly.  While there were a few sacrifices made with the transition home, this was a venerable port.

When Sega released the original Virtua Fighter game, they had precious little experience in this genre.  Sure, they had brawlers like Golden Axe but only Eternal Champions to show in the 1 on 1 market.  Capcom pretty much has this genre locked up with their Street Fighter II series.  What Capcom didn’t get Mortal Kombat did their best to lap up.  What was left was extremely little for way too many “me-too” games.  Sega had their work cut out for them and their move to 3D was definitely an eye catcher for arcade goers.  Virtua Fighter 2 in the arcade featured an extremely cool stage where you were literally floating down a river.  Unfortunately, this stage was changed to your platform simply sitting BESIDE the river- man, if they could have gotten it like the arcade.  If only.

Over on the Playstation console gamers were enjoying the Toshinden series.  This didn’t stop Sega from still rocking the genre with realistic martial arts action.  Compared to the original release, Virtua Fighter 2 was more of everything.  Gone were the flat shaded polygons that made up the fighters.  VF2 featured some light texture mapping, faster gameplay and more fighters.  Essentially, Virtua Fighter 2 was exactly what fans wanted- more of the first but better.

Virtua Fighter 2 was a great fighter that required accuracy and understanding of, somewhat, realistic moves.  Head over to Ebay if you want to relive the mid 90’s Sega style!

Carl Williams

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