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Review: The Amazing Spiderman and Captain America in Dr Dooms Revenge for the Amstrad CPC

Captain America arrives at Doom’s castle, a robot guards the entrance, then Captain America encounters Rhino…..  Meanwhile, Spidey looks for a way in, “goodbye you animated scrap pile”. As Machette lurks, Spidey asks “what have i gotten myself into?” Dr Doom, the marvel comic worlds incredibly twisted, scientific evil genius, has stolen the ultimate weapon, a C4V.G. thermonuclear missile and is going to destroy New York with it.

Never ones to shy away from a battle, super heroes Captain America and Spiderman are quick to take up this 5 level challenge but Dr Doom is no fool, he has employed the services of a robot and some of Marvels most evil hench men Rhino, Batroc, Boomerang, Electro, Grey Gargoyle, Hobgoblin, Eduardo Lobo, Oddball and Rattan to guard his castle and ensure his evil plans succeed.

Three difficulties, beginner, hero or super hero can be selected as you take on these villains in separate fights, either as Captain America or Spiderman in a street fighter-esq beat em up. You have no lives just an energy bar, once that’s depleted you start over again. Each fight is set in one of the rooms of Dr Doom’s castle, as you progress and defeat your enemies you get closer to taking on Dr Doom himself.Spider-Man_Captain_America_retro_Amstrad_CPC_marvel (2)

The in game graphics are quite good, the representation of all the Marvel characters is beautifully defined with very good use of the Amstrad CPC mode 0 colour palette. You can perform a range of different moves such as somersaults, kicks, punches, throwing Captain America’s shield or shooting spider webs and clinging to the ceiling, playing as Spiderman.

So much attention to detail went into graphics and comic story line cut scenes, unfortunately gameplay and sonics are almost forgotten about. Fight animations are not smooth nor that exciting or interesting and becomes quite repetitive.  There’s no entertaining feel to it such as in the game IK+. Selecting different moves can be rather frustrating at times as well. Sound is non exsistent, only bleeps when you or the enemy land a hit and there’s an annoying banging noise when a foe is defeated.

There also appears to be a bug of some sorts in the game as when you are defeated a screen shot is meant to depict New York being blown up but all you see is a corrupted screen.


  • Stunning colous and graphics
  • Comic style cut scenes stand out feature
  • Range of difficulties and enemies
  • Multi language english, french, german, spanish


  • Poor sounds
  • Lacking quality fighting gameplay
  • multi load

The Amazing Spiderman and Captain America in Dr Dooms Revenge by Empire Software
Platform: Amstrad CPC
Genre: Action
Released: 1989
Score: 6.7 out of 10

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