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Another World, aka Out of this World, Fan Short Film

I am from North America so I will be using the name Out of this World instead of Another World since that is what I know it by.  When Out of this World hit in the early 1990’s on the Super Nintendo it was a revelation in gaming.  For many it was not quite their thing, for some of us it was amazing.  The Super Nintendo was not known for its polygon power yet here was this smooth action game made up of nothing but them.  Unlike other action/adventure games, Out of this World broke things up with cinematics.  You were told a story without a single bit of dialogue.  There were camera angle changes, beautifully detailed, in their minimalist style, scenes to figure out and more.  Interplay did well to bring this title out.

You take control of Lester Knight Chaykin, a physicist that is a more normal Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory.  Lester is working with a particle accelerator on a stormy night (good combination) and things don’t quite work out.  Similar to the work that CERN is attempting, Lester was only trying to figure out the origins of, oh I don’t know, EVERYTHING.

Things ago awry rather quickly.

The Another World/Out of this World fan movie follows this pretty faithfully.  Recreating many of the iconic scenes from the game, the movie crew did their homework quite well.  While many will scream “OMG” that the special effects are not on par with Star Wars Episode VII the Force Awakens.  Guess what.  This is a bunch of hardcore fans wanting to do something cool.  Suspend your “uber” high quality levels and just enjoy the film for what it is.  I remember wanting to do stuff like this when I was younger and I can assure you, if it got off the ground the results were nothing like this.

Congrats Daniele Spadoni and your team.  Cool movie here.  How about taking on Super Mario Brothers next and fixing that atrocious movie we are left with?

Carl Williams

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