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Sega Could be Publishing More Dreamcast Games

Since it is all the rage to lead articles with misleading titles (see my discussion on the Coleco Chameleon situation) I figured why not.  Technically that headline is not wrong.  Sega COULD publish more games for the Dreamcast, it doesn’t give a definite time- it is open ended in more ways than one.  If Carrington Scott from South Carolina has his way with his IndieGoGo campaign, Sega may be persuaded to revisit their defunct console.  Chances of it happening, without your support, are slim.

I am not sure if this is a joke campaign or not.  I mean, dude is asking for $900,000.00, almost $1 million.  To attempt to persuade Sega to revisit the Dreamcast.  That is not only a hefty sum of money but a lofty goal to shoot for.

Mr. Scott states this on IndieGoGo – “Hi I’m Carrington S. Scott and I’m a big fan of the Sega Dreamcast.  My concern is the Dreamcast has been left behind and I believe it should be resurrected again.  Let’s face it consoles are going to get more expensive.  So I figured why can’t I get likeminded people who would like to help fund this campaign to bring new games to the Dreamcast.”

Perks, if this campaign makes it, include first dibs on awesome new games for the Dreamcast.  This must be a partial funding campaign because another perk details what happens if the full sum is not pledged.  Mr. Scott plans on creating his own console to make lower costing games.  I wonder if Mr. Scott has heard of the Dreamcast 2 or the Coleco Chameleon, maybe he will use his funds to help either of those “consoles” out?

Honestly, it is stuff like this that makes covering retro games harder and harder with each new campaign that pops up.  With the popularity of certain retro systems and games on crowdfunding services we now have these “wish” based campaigns pop up.

Please don’t support this unless you are really free with your money and don’t care to keep it (in which case may I direct you to my profile below).

Source: IndieGoGo

Carl Williams

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