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4 Unlicensed Donkey Kong Country Games You Missed Out On

Donkey Kong Country was one of the most visually impressive Super Nintendo titles.  It left Sega and their Genesis sitting out cold as far as anything to compare.  The Silicon Graphics workstation graphics were just too visually impressive and it drew in gamers like wildfire sucks up forests.  Nintendo knew they had a hit on their hands because we saw three Donkey Kong Country games on the Super Nintendo.  My big question is, why did they stop these types of games when they released the Nintendo 64?  Imagine, a cartridge on the N64 with all three DKC games in all of their glory.  That would have probably sold just as well as Super Mario 64.  That is a big if though and around here we like to deal with definite things.  Here I have collected four unlicensed Donkey Kong Country games that you have more than likely never heard of.  For better or for worse.

1) Donkey Kong Country on the NES

This is a pretty faithful looking pirate copy of the original Donkey Kong Country title.  Of course the graphics take a serious hit but man, they still look pretty awesome.  The essence of the game is there, the attacks, the mannerisms, etc.  If you didn’t know this was a pirate game you would probably think it was an unreleased NES prototype of Donkey Kong Country.  Rarely do we see pirates of this level of quality.

2) Super Donkey Kong 99 for the Sega Genesis

Other than the hit in colors on the screen this one looks pretty close to the SNES version.  The music in this version is heavily borrowed the Super Nintendo version of Super Mario All-Stars.  Weird that the pirates didn’t just get the music from Donkey Kong Country also, like they did the graphics.

3) Donkey Kong Country 2 for the Nintendo NES

Whomever created this pirate game didn’t bother to finish it.  Apparently there are only a few levels, one map and a lot of broken things to deal with.  The graphics are nowhere near as good as the NES port of the first game either.

4) Donkey Kong Country 4 for the NES

This appears to be the the same as the original port mentioned in the number 1 slot.  Why is this getting another mention then?  There are a few things different, the speed here seems higher and this version is on a two in one cart with The Jungle Book 2.

Got a cool hack, an interesting pirate or just something amazing that we need to feature?  Let us know!

Carl Williams

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