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IndieGo Console Looks to be All in One Retro Gaming Fans Always Wanted, Currently on Kickstarter- Goal Already Met

We have been covering new consoles a lot this year.  From the Retro Freak to the RETRO Video Game System, now the Coleco Chameleon.  There is no shortage of new hardware that is looking to give retrogaming fans what they want.  Now we can add the IndieGo console (not to be confused with popular crowdfunding site- IndieGoGo).  All of these consoles go about their plan to be your last all-in-one console in slightly different ways.  The IndieGo console is going at it with a lot more possibilities than the other guys though.

Okay, just what is the IndieGo console?  Well, it is actually available in three hardware formats.  Similar to what the RETRO Video Game System was offering in their, failed, IndieGoGo campaign.  The big difference between the two is that IndieGo will be available officially in all three formats.  The RVGS was only going to be available in one format, based on the level of funding that was reached.  With the IndieGo the basic system will run at least CD based AmigaCD32, Playstation and many PC games.  The higher end system will be able to run Dreamcast games and even Doom 3 plus expansions among many others.

There are other platforms that are specifically mentioned as compatible with the IndieGo, after you supply necessary files (i.e., BIOS images).  These include the Sega Saturn, Sega CD and other CD based platforms.  Other systems could mean the Turbo Grafx-16 (imagine playing Rondo of Blood in 1080p), 3DO (Star Control II anyone?) and more.

The IndieGo is open.  You can install other OS’s on this thing, either dual boot or wipe out the original OS.  Also, the operating system will be available for purchase so you can create your own IndieGo console with hardware you prefer.  Rather interesting option there.

There are plans for an app store for the IndieGo that will feature new games, demos, etc.  All games downloaded from the store will include keymaps for the controller so you won’t have to fumble with that before you start playing.  Additional platforms and games that you install on your own will require you to manage the keymapping yourself (software included).

Included games on the console include Doom (shareware), Duke Nukem (shareware), Whacky Racers (shareware) and the full version of Jim Power from Piko Interactive.  I covered Jim Power here and Piko Interactive releases here on Retro Gaming Magazine.  Piko Interactive are working to bring more of their titles to this console.  I will alert you when they make official announcements.

Head to the IndieGo Kickstarter to pledge support (just under two months left) and secure your console today.

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