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Donald Steps His Game Up in Quackshot – Today in History – December 19th, 1991

Okay, Nintendo was riding high on the success of Ducktales thanks to Capcom.  Great.  What did Sega have for their fans though?  Remember, this is a good year before Sonic would make his debut and save Sega.  Sega was savvy at licensing vital properties and their eye hit pay dirt with Disney.  Much like other companies that paid for the rights to the house the mouse built, Sega found a fair bit of success in this area.  Why they abandoned it for the Saturn is beyond me.  With Quackshot starring Donald Duck, Sega had quite a venerable action title that more than held its own against similar offerings by publishers on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

As mentioned in my “Disney Done Right on Sega Genesis” article, Quackshot starring Donald Duck is an action/adventure game slightly more advanced than Super Mario Bros 3.  The levels are not too terribly complex, you won’t be getting lost like you would in Metroid.  Quackshot keeps things focused but also challenging.  Details are abundant from Donald himself to the enemies down to the blocks that you are standing on- Sega really went SNK/Neo Geo on the detail.

As you can see in the game play video in this article, Quackshot has you running all over the world.  This may annoy some gamers but for others, it is part of the charm of these games.  Unlike Ducktales on the NES, in Quackshot you are going to be backtracking quite a bit.  Thankfully Sega included a flag checkpoint system that keeps you from having to replay each level over and over.  That could have killed the fun levels of Quackshot had Sega left that out.

As I mentioned earlier, Sega for some reason, abandoned Disney licenses when they transitioned to the Saturn console.  This is an amazingly stupid move if you ask me.  Imagine another installment in the Illusion series using the Clockwork Knight engine.  Oh, what could have been.

Grab yourself a copy of Quackshot starring Donald Duck off of Ebay and enjoy.  They don’t make them like this anymore.

Carl Williams

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