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Raiden Legacy Jumps to Steam, Still Missing Raiden II

Raiden is an overhead shooter that should require absolutely no introduction to gamers.  For the most part, it doesn’t.  There are a few, though, that don’t know about this iconic series.  One of the most challenging scrolling shooters of days gone by is here with several sequels.  Just they forgot one key sequel or this would have been an amazing collection.  What is here is a set of four scrolling shooters that are almost like the evolution of 16-Bit overhead shooters.  Almost.

DotEmu have taken the classic series and brought them to Steam (previously available from their website or on mobile).  This gives gamers that only buy PC games from Valve’s service, probably, their first chance to enjoy these games.  With the Steam thing we see two player simultaneous play, either locally or on-line, global leaderboards and HD remasters of the soundtracks for ¾ of the games here (sorry original fans).  Being on Steam also means there are Steam achievements to collect, Steam Cloud for game saves and the like and more.

The biggest problem I have with this collection (I got it in a mobile bundle sale a while back) is that it doesn’t include Raiden II.  I wish DotEmu would have been able to, by now, get the rights to Raiden II and included that in the collection.  We have only seen two home ports of the sequel so far.  One on the original Playstation in the Raiden Project and once late last century for Windows thanks to Microsoft of all companies.  That is it.  It is a shame as Raiden II is a great title and one that more gamers should get to enjoy without having to resort to illegal methods to do so.Raiden_Legacy_Steam_PC_DotEmu_retro_retrogaming_shooter_scrolling_arcade (2)

We have previously seen Raiden Legacy hit Android and iOS (sorry Windows Phone and Blackberry users).  These are emulated titles, not re-programmed or ports.

Raiden Legacy by DotEmu
Platform: Steam
Genre: Overhead scrolling shooter/arcade
Available now on Steam

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Carl Williams

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5 Responses to “Raiden Legacy Jumps to Steam, Still Missing Raiden II”

  1. Scott Vieth says:

    Carl, the likely reason that DotEmu hasn’t gotten a license for Raiden II is that until very very recent versions of MAME, the emulation of Raiden II was sketchy. I don’t know if it’s even viewed as 100% accurate as of this point, I think for a long time, the game played with no enemies.

    So, I’d say if you want to see it on Steam, hope that eventually the MAME code gets up to snuff and whoever wrote that piece of the code is willing to license it out.

    • Carl Williams says:

      Thanks for the info there, Scott. What about the PSOne version of Raiden Project though (it included Raiden and Raiden II)? It is weird that that is the only home version of Raiden II we have.

      • Scott Vieth says:

        If the fine folks at DotEmu can get licenses for the PlayStation emulators out there, of which there are many (and I think most are open source, don’t know the exact licenses they fall under), that certainly could be a viable option.

        I’d love to see a compilation of some of the shooters and either didn’t make it stateside or had some of their best versions on PSX.

        • Carl Williams says:

          Now, I can see that happening and it making mobile/PC gaming all that much better.

        • Carl Williams says:

          What PSOne shooters would you like to see brought back? I am a new convert to the Darius series (just got Darius Burst on PSP from Japan- damn shame we didn’t get that here).

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