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Loaded Gives Gamers Top Down Doom on Playstation – Today in History – December 12th, 1995

20 years ago gamers that took a chance on the original Playstation got access to a treat called Loaded.  Interplay probably took a large chance on this one as it is a completely new intellectual property.  Couple that with the “newness” of the Playstation (Sony’s first console) and it is quite a gamble.  Gamers that knew their developers had few qualms about supporting this early PSOne title though.  Gremlin Interactive, the dev, have a long track record of quality releases on many platforms and the Playstation was to be no different.  There was some major cross over with comics to help promote Loaded, you might say Interplay was coming at this one with both barrels.

What gamers got with Loaded was a top down all hell broke loose action game that featured tons of blood.  While magazines of the time, favorably, compared Loaded with Smash TV, Chaos Engine and many other overhead shooters, I prefer another comparison.  Doom.  While you are note travelling to Hell, you are basically in that location in Loaded.

Learn the controls and enter the various rooms and corridors with guns blazing otherwise you will die.  A lot.  The challenge level may be set a little high meaning if you are used to hand holding and constant help from a tutorial- forget it.

Graphically, Loaded has not aged all that well.  The early Playstation polygonal graphics are rough to watch now and that intro is beyond horrible.  Speaking of that intro, it is about what you can expect from the time period- gaming companies thought rendered plastic looking video was the wave of the future because we got a lot of them in games.  It doesn’t break the game but it is jarring for those just getting into early 32-Bit gaming.

It is weird that Interplay had no problem releasing this game, just look at the packaging- it is clear that this is not a Disney product, yet they dropped Thrill Kill.  While the content was quite different, Thrill Kill fit well within the style of Loaded and Re-Loaded (the sequel).  Oh well, it sucks but we did at least get Loaded and its sequel.

Grab Loaded or Re-Loaded off of and enjoy.


Carl Williams

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10 Responses to “Loaded Gives Gamers Top Down Doom on Playstation – Today in History – December 12th, 1995”

  1. YOUDIEMOFO says:

    Simply loved this game….. Remember all to well going to my buddies house religiously and playing this game. The first time I saw those colors they offered in the game along with the amazing gameplay I was awe stricken!!

    • Carl Williams says:

      It was a polarizing title for the new Playstation console. I think it is one of the titles that helped push Sony ahead of the Saturn and into their own in the 32-Bit era. You simply were not going to get this anywhere else, much like Twisted Metal.

      • YOUDIEMOFO says:

        For sure. Those and Einhander were simply amazing games to behold when they released.

        • Carl Williams says:

          Nothing but agreement from me on the games mentioned here so far.

          • YOUDIEMOFO says:

            You know when the they incorporated polygons with a 2D environment with the added special effects and made it look/feel incredible I was hooked….. Made R-Type seem like Galaga!

          • Carl Williams says:

            What is your take on Philosoma? While not exactly awesome it was still a fun romp through many genres. Kind of like Genotos.

          • YOUDIEMOFO says:

            Oh my goodness….! I had all but forgot about that game! It makes me think of einhander and or the other way around as I can not remember which one came out first. I do remember Philosoma being a “cleaner” looking game as per the polys and background. I do not recall Genotos unfortunately…

          • Carl Williams says:

            Yeah, Philosoma was much cleaner, I am not a fan of how the explosions “look”- they are too “rendered” looking.

            Here is Genetos-

            I am planning on doing something with it to bring more awareness to it. Basically it is like playing through the history of overhead shooters starting with Space Invaders and nearly reaching the “bullet hell” phase. Quite fun.

          • YOUDIEMOFO says:


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