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Get Angry with Donald Duck Goin Quackers on Dreamcast – Today in History – December 13th, 2000

The Sega Dreamcast fell on some hard times when it came to 3rd party support.  At least Sega had Ubi Soft showing support for their last console.  Donald Duck Goin Quackers is a 2.5D/3D style action platform title that features the popular Disney character.  Ubi Soft Montreal did the development work on this one.  For those that don’t recognize the name, this studio has been involved in some big name titles over the years.  Various Tom Clancy titles, Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia and TMNT have all come through this development house at one time for Ubi Soft.  Donald Duck Goin Quackers is definitely more in line with TMNT than it is Tom Clancy though.

Ah, the classic Disney “duck” universe.  It seems that this area of the Disney-verse is full of trouble and action.  Poor Daisy Duck has been kidnapped by what appears to be Merlock, an evil magician.  Gladstone Gander, Donald’s arch nemesis apparently, sets out to save poor Daisy.  Donald can’t have this freeloader scooping his honey so he sets out too.  What ensues is a 2.5D/3D action romp through levels such as Ducky Mountain, Duckberg, Magica DeSpell’s Manor and finally Merlock’s Temple.

Interestingly, some of the boss fights are unique for this type of game.  Sure, we have seen the “run into the camera” view before in titles such as The Lion King on Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo but it was quite limited.  A similar scene appears in Goin Quackers.  Another boss sits in the middle of the area and you run around him- similar to the boss fight in Gunstar Heroes on Sega Genesis.  At least Ubi Soft Montreal paid attention to the classics.

Featuring over 20 levels, some 2.5D and some full on 3D, Donald Duck Goin Quackers is almost completely alone on the Sega Dreamcast.  Many have compared the play style to that of the original Playstation title Crash Bandicoot.  It is clear though that Ubi Soft Montreal are not all that skilled at making action platform titles.  The camera leaves a lot to be desired and some of the challenges are “out there” for this type of game.

Donald Duck Goin Quackers has been released on many platforms.  Nintendo 64, Windows, Game Boy Color, Playstation 2, Gamecube and Playstation all saw a version of this game.

Grab a copy of Donald Duck Goin Quackers over on Ebay, it helps us and you get a new 2.5D game to enjoy.

Carl Williams

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