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ResQ is Another Unreleased Psygnosis Prototype for the Sega Genesis

2D side scrolling action games were not exactly unknown on the Genesis but come on, there has been quite a few that have been shown over the years that never got released.  One of the more interesting titles, Hardcore, is also a Psygnosis title for the Genesis.  ResQ is yet another Psygnosis 2D side scrolling action game for the Genesis that could have made a major difference as a last ditch “hail mary” move by Sega at the end of the 16-Bit wars.  What a parting shot these games would have made in that battle too.  There is no real information available as to why these titles were all cancelled when they were, many so close to completion, but it is probably due to Sega dropping the ball with the Genesis (focusing on the 32X and Saturn development around this time) and the looming 32-Bit wars.  The fact remains, gamers got screwed by these games getting cancelled.

ResQ pits you in control of a massive, on the screen, ship that is tasked with rescuing people in underground levels.  Apparently in the future, in a galaxy far away (yet not THAT far away), humans have colonized a new home and were thriving until someone else wanted that planet more.  What follows is some interesting 2D side scrolling rescue missions- modern gamers would recognize these as escort missions.  Find the people then guide them back to your rescue ship.  Sounds simple.  It is more than likely anything but.

One bit of the challenge is, you can only guide one person at a time (apparently squad tactics are not taught in the future).  The humans follow your every move so keep that in mind when making way back to your ship.  Sadly, we won’t see this title finished and released as Psygnosis is owned by Sony and they don’t give a crap about retro fans.  Remember that when you fire up that PS4 this holiday season.

Carl Williams

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