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Hardcore, Unreleased Sega Genesis Action Shooter Shown

Okay, 1994 would have rocked had we had some of these titles that were in development, presumably for release that year, available.  Especially if you are a Sega Genesis fan, I mean, can you imagine playing Elite in 1994?  Or how about Hardcore, another unreleased title for the Genesis that was in development 21 years ago.  Hardcore is a 2D side scrolling action shooter that is quite similar to Turrican.  The interesting thing is, this was being developed by DICE/Digital Digital Illusions.  Dice may be a familiar name to many modern gamers.

DICE are probably better known for their newer games such as the Battlefield series, or Mirror’s Edge or Star Wars Battlefront.  Way back in 1994, just a couple of years after the company was founded though, they were working on a title called “Hardcore” for the Sega Genesis.  Hardcore is a 2D side scrolling run and gun title that is very similar to the old school Contra series or Turrican games.  Basically, wall to wall action here folks.

Interestingly in the video we see a ton of enemies that spew shrapnel once destroyed and some interesting physics in enemies and in platforms displayed in certain parts.  We also see multiple sprite enemies, similar to what Contra: Hardcore and Gunstar Heroes showed off respectively.  Basically, DICE was quickly becoming a major contender in the gaming world, even bigger if they would have released Hardcore on the Genesis.

Graphically, Hardcore is a sight to behold.  There is a general “dinginess” to the level backgrounds.  Like there is a state of disrepair, a war torn world, which you are traversing.  Not just telling you in a cutscene, no, you are shown it in the actual graphics.

Reportedly, this title was 99% finished before it was shelved.  This is evident in the cut scenes, music and enemies.  It appears to be a complete game for all intents and purposes- probably only requiring some slight debugging of some obscure bugs.   Maybe someone will license this and finish it and release it.

Carl Williams

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  1. […] that have been shown over the years that never got released.  One of the more interesting titles, Hardcore, is also a Psygnosis title for the Genesis.  ResQ is yet another Psygnosis 2D side scrolling […]

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