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Mega Q*Bert, New Homebrew Take on the Classic for Sega Genesis

Q*Bert is one of those classic titles that you either loved or hated.  The controls were “different” thanks to the angled playfield and the overall idea is just out there for an early video game (that is saying something).  Most games from back in the day required you to destroy everything on the screen, very few required any other objective be met to complete the round.  Q*Bert was one of the few titles that didn’t feature any kind of violence whatsoever- you simply bounced around the play area and touched panels on the floor to change their color.  Once all of the floor panels were the right color, you would advance to the next level.

Mega Q*Bert is a newer take on the classic with unique level designs and a lot more enemies on screen.  This is one problem I have with this version of Q*Bert, the number of enemies that come after you.  It is just so many that it is easily overwhelming, even on level one.  This is not a review though, more of a critique of the work in progress that we are privy to here.

Mega Q*Bert is already a quality build based on the classic.  The little mannerisms are there, both slow and fast enemies, the teleportation pads, etc.  It is easy to see what way the snake is jumping based on his animations.  Everyone else though, they are a crapshoot as to which way they are jumping.  You just have to watch them and hope you guess right or it is certain death.  For some, that is going to just add to the fun and challenge, for me it just adds to the frustration level.

I will be following Mega Q*Bert through development and keep you updated.  If you would like to check out how Mega Q*Bert got to this point head over to the Gendev forums.

Carl Williams

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  1. Berto Yulianto says:

    The game (Mega Q*bert) is finally finished now 🙂
    Source :*bert-(full-game)

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