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Mega Marble World Brings Top Down Marble Puzzle Action to Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis is getting quite a bit of retro love here lately (thanks to a resurgence in the community).  Mega Marble World is a puzzle game that has a graphical style that is not unlike that of the classic Nintendo franchise, Legend of Zelda, on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Mega Marble World has very strict guidelines as to how to complete levels, as most puzzle games do.  This is a work in progress title with a demo coming soon.

Each screen is a different level in Mega Marble World.  Each level has a set of challenges to get around such as pits and other problems.  Movement is all or nothing, there is no stopping midway across a room when you realize you made a mistake.  This will either make gamers happy with the challenge or infuriate them for making a mistake.

Some screens have graphics that are large and clear, simple puzzles, while others are more complex with things zoomed out (making things a little tougher to see).  You are only able to make a direction change when you hit a surface- it is straight line movements all the way in Mega Marble World.

As I mentioned earlier, graphically, Mega Marble World is similar to the original Legend of Zelda game on the Nintendo NES.  It is a good graphical style and it works really well in Mega Marble World.  Good job.

There is no demo available for Mega Marble World yet so we can only check out the Youtube video that is available.  There are plenty of screens shown in the video which shows off the variety of levels and challenges that gamers can expect when Mega Marble World is released.  No word on if we will see this made into a full cartridge release or not.

Like puzzle games?  Head over to the forums and check out the furthering development.

Carl Williams

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3 Responses to “Mega Marble World Brings Top Down Marble Puzzle Action to Sega Genesis”

  1. Berto Yulianto says:

    The game is 100% done.
    But sadly until now TLT (the game maker) couldn’t find publisher to publish his game so we wouldn’t be able to play it.
    Source :

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