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Homebrew Developer Creates Sonic Team Racing Work in Progress for Sega Genesis

To say that the Super Nintendo is better at 3D than the Sega Genesis is probably true if you are talking about what we saw from official sources.  That is not saying much for the homebrew community that has picked up the reigns of development over the last decade or so.  Take Sonic Team Racing for instance, this is a work in progress title that is still quite early but shows tremendous promise.  The 3D is on par with what we saw from Nintendo in their Super Mario Kart game on Super Nintendo so don’t expect Star Fox quality stuff, but also keep in mind, this is a homebrew developer that is working with aftermarket software- not official software development kits.

There is only one track available at the moment but it is a pretty twisty one that obviously would fare well with competition to worry about.  Based on Green Hill Zone, this track is iconic, familiar and feels right at home within the Sonic the Hedgehog universe.  Quite a feat for a homebrew developer working on their own.

For those following Sega Genesis homebrew the name GASEGA68K will be familiar.  To those that have no clue who GASEGA68K is, they are responsible for some of the most interesting and technically amazing pieces of work we have seen.  This includes a tech demo of Star Fox on the Genesis (covered here) and even a port of F-Zero to the Sega Genesis (covered here).

What we need to see is a Kickstarter by GASEGA68K to be able to do an original title on the Genesis and release it.  That would be pretty cool to see happen.  I can dream right?

Head over to the forums to follow the development of Sonic Team Racing closer.  There is also a download link available there too.

Thanks Retrocollect.

Carl Williams

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