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Garoudan is Choplifter in Reverse Work in Progress for Sega Genesis

Anyone that remembers Choplifter probably remembers the fun in trying to save the little people without getting killed.  Some of you, those with a little darker side, probably remember doing their best to kill those little people that were so full of hope that they were being rescued.  Garoudan is basically Choplifter in reverse, you are not trying to save the humans in the game, no here you are trying to destroy everything in the level.  Did I mention that you are controlling an egg?

That is right, in Garoudan you are playing as an egg, a radioactive one at that- could this be Godzilla before he hatched?  Your egg pops out of Mount Teide after lightning strikes it and the top crumbles off- waking you somewhat from your slumber.  According to the intro for Garoudan, you will eventually get to control something similar to Godzilla, or at least one of his enemies.  Early on though you are stuck playing as an egg.  A really big one but still, an egg.

Garoudan is a 2D sidscrolling action game all about destroying the scenery- similar to Rampage.  Once you complete the first level, you are able to hatch and become the winged creature Garoudan- not sure how this will effect later levels as we are only privy to the first one in the preview video.

What is cool is that Garoudan is apparently a Locomalito and Gryzor87 release.  Locomalito is known for many interesting games on PC (here), titles that remind retro gamers of the glory days of gaming.  Days when games didn’t have to have 4K 60 frames per second 4 billion+ polygons and constant Internet connections to be fun and challenging.

Garoudan is a work in progress, as development continues I will do my best to keep updates coming here.  Head over to the forums to follow the development (and if you are interested, learn to code your own Sega Genesis games).

Carl Williams

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