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Tanglewood Proves the Sega Genesis is still Alive and Kicking

While the Sega Genesis is soon to be the recipient of Duke Nukem 3D, thanks to Piko Interactive, there are other developers working on even more titles for Sega’s defunct console.  What we are seeing with Tanglewood is the early stages of an action platform title in the vein of Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros.  Big Evil Corporation, seriously, are behind this one.

Allegedly there will be puzzles, new creatures (easy when it is an all new IP) and challenges that to keep gamers alert and wanting to push forward.  Purportedly, Tanglewood is following in the footsteps of classics such as Abe’s Odyssee, Flashback and Another World/Out of this World.  That is a high pedigree to be trying to follow, and that is putting it lightly.

The story, as I know it right now, behind Tanglewood is supposedly a dark one.  Your character has gotten lost after dark and now must make his way home (not sure how he got lost enough to warrant a full game though).  The Tanglewood world is apparently fraught with danger, or it will be a rather boring video game.

Taking a cue from SNK’s Fatal Fury series, there is going to be a similar day/night cycle to deal with.  It is unknown at this time if that means you will encounter unique enemies depending on the time of day.  Such as bats at night while bees and similar creatures populate the daytime.  It would be cool if that is the plan.

What is cool about Tanglewood is that it is being developed in 100% 68000 assembly language using a Cross Products development kit from 1993 with the occasional custom tool.  That is kind of cool since most newer games use engines and the like that were created long after the Genesis was defunct in the marketplace.

I will get more on Tanglewood as it is available.


Carl Williams

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