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Batman and Superman Join Streets of Rage 2 on Sega Genesis

The world of Streets of Rage 2 is quite a rough one to deal with.  While Axel, Blaze and the rest of the gang are quite capable at taking on this world, even they need a helping hand from time to time.  Both Batman and Superman answer the call to assist cleaning up Streets of Rage 2.  As many reading this already know, both Batman and Superman are no strangers to brawler games so it is a natural fit for them to answer the call.

Batman has had a few brawler titles to his credit, most were 2D side scrolling action affairs but there has been at least one that was like Streets of Rage 2.  Batman is not scared to throw a punch or two and kick his way out of a sticky situation.  No wonder Axel and Blaze made the decision to use the bat signal, it may have been just in time.

Superman is also known for throwing punches when needed (he actually uses less weapons in his stories than Batman does).  It is not known if the gangs of Streets of Rage 2 are packing Kryptonite or not.  They have found a way to damage the man of steel though that is for sure.  No wonder Axel tagged in the world’s favorite alien.Batman_Superman_Streets_Rage_Sega_Genesis_retro_ROMHacking_retrogaming (2)

There is no word at this time as to whether there are any Batman/Superman villains that make appearances in this version of Streets of Rage 2.  That would be awesome if there was, say, Brainiac or the Joker as the main boss.  Kind of like they are the ones pulling the strings to get the gangs in an uproar or something.

Streets of Rage 2 is a brawler by Sega for the Sega Genesis 16-Bit console.  Since Sega has not released it as freeware I cannot link to anywhere to download it.  I can link to where you can download the patch file to add Batman and Superman to your copy of Streets of Rage 2 though.

Carl Williams

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7 Responses to “Batman and Superman Join Streets of Rage 2 on Sega Genesis”

  1. m9715 says:

    Did you see the one with ED-209? Pretty funny 🙂

    • Carl Williams says:

      Yeah! There are a few of these that are pretty interesting. I figured this one, with the hype over the upcoming movie, would be a good one to write up.

      I haven’t played the ED-209 one yet, I need to though- it looks like it would be pretty fun, at least for a level or two.

      • m9715 says:

        I tried it after leaving this comment, but was kind of disappointed. Their movesets seemed limited. But I guess that’s due to the source they’re from (Robocop vs Terminator)

        • Carl Williams says:

          I agree, they are quite limited in moves. It would have been cool if they would have had attacks that we see in the movies/comics such as Batman having a Batarang. Or being able to shoot a support line into the sky and “teleport” to another location that is safer than a beat down or to escape a boss. Superman and his heat vision would have been cool too.

          Lots of missed opportunity on this one.

          • m9715 says:

            actually I was talking about the Robocop one but you’re probably right!

          • Carl Williams says:

            Lol. I haven’t played the Robocop one yet. I was re-reading your comment after I posted mine and was thinking, when were Batman and Superman in Robocop vs. Terminator?. Then I thought maybe these were just reworked sprites from that game or something. lol

          • m9715 says:

            heh I guess Robocop vs Term could be switched out with Batman sprites too… probably would work

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