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Alex Kidd Unofficial Port for Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Computer Updated

A new version of Alex Kidd for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A computer has been posted.  You may be thinking, wait a minute, Sega never released Alex Kidd on the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A.  You are right.  They didn’t.  This port is an unofficial one by a really dedicated fan that wanted to play the game on his TI-99/4A.  He has recently released an updated demo of the game and there are plenty of improvements since I last wrote about it.

First up, there are now three levels in the game.  Previous versions had one or two levels, depending on which demo you were playing.  The physics for Alex Kidd have improved quite a bit, the map/title screen and story screens are improved also.  There are a total of eight unique sound effects in this latest version of Alex Kidd also.  Atari Age forum member, The Mole, has somehow included three different soundtracks in this version of the game- not sure how considering the memory limitations he is fighting.


Cartridge label. Source- AtariAge forums

We all know the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A was not a gaming beast, at least not based on the games that were commercially released for it.  That is why it is so surprising to see a port of Alex Kidd running on it that features up to 64 simultaneous colors onscreen, two layers of parallax scrolling and the other things that are going on in this port.  Imagine if Sega had supported the TI-99/4A back in the day with ports of their titles (granted it would have been really early Sega games as Sonic didn’t come out till the 90’s, well after the death of the TI-99/4A).  It could have been a great partnership.

I will be continuing my following of this port of Alex Kidd as it is quite interesting and judging by the traffic, our readers want to hear more about it too.

Want to grab your copy of the latest version?  Head over to the AtariAge forums and grab it.  Read up on the full changelog while there and maybe signup and say thanks.

Carl Williams

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