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Gunman Clive Work in Progress Released for Nintendo Game Boy

Now heres something outside the square, a game originally released on current tech android and apple ios systems back in 2012 has just been ported over to the Nintendo Game Boy by its creator Bertil Horberg of Horberg Productions and best of all it’s FREE.

Gunman Clive, a gun slinging, toe tooting and fast shooting pistol whipping cowboy must set out to save the mayor’s daughter in a left to right sideways run and gun style game.

The gameplay is quite fast and smooth, the animation is really good with the scrolling spot on and the game has that ‘old west’ feel to it – the cactuses or is it cacti, the old west saloon buildings, lots and lots of crates or boxes to jump over or hide behind or to jump on top of (just like old school game The Untouchables), lots of  bad guys wearing big cowbow hats out for your blood shooting at you from tops of buildings and behind crates just like in those spaghetii western movies and theres lots of ducks, wait a minute i did say ducks? Yep lots of ducks to shoot at and kill along the way…. and a few cats jump at you and need to be killed too…. life in the west just aint the same these days.

Theres also some bonus power ups along the way like collecting a bonus that shoots 3 bullets which comes in oh so handy…. Naturally there are some slight differences in sprites in this port compared to the original but it looks and plays like the original.  While the port over to the Nintendo Game Boy is defintely a success and plays brilliantly with the game having some great “Pros” going for it, there is one big “Con” to this GB port and that is that its only one level but who’s complaining its free after all.Gunman_Clive_Game_Boy_Nintendo_retro_retrogaming (1)

Creator Hörberg has been quoted as saying it will be unlikey further progress will be made to the Gunman Clive port on the GB which in a way is quite sad as one level has been done why not do all the levels ?

Anyway the ROM for Gunman Clive can be downloaded from this site – it is compatible with a GB emulator or on GB hardware with flash cart and can be played on Game Boy, Game Boy Color, or Game Boy Advance.


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