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5 Sega Genesis Titles for Some Halloween Fun

Yesterday I published a similar piece for the Nintendo Entertainment System, today I am tackling the Sega Genesis.  Sega’s console has a few more graphical titles that would never have been approved on the Nintendo NES that is for sure.  Sega had a much looser requirement on the whole “family friendly” image unlike Nintendo who clung to it like Rose on that headboard in Titanic.  Blood and guts flowed in many Sega games, especially Mortal Kombat 1 which Nintendo forced Acclaim to make the SNES version be a sweaty ordeal.  While this list is not perfect, what list is, there are a few good titles here, at least one off the wall and one in the wall and one franchise has found its way on this list too.  On with the spooky mood inducing fun.

1) Castlevania Bloodlines

Konami knew they had a good thing on their hands with Castlevania when it took off like wildfire on the Nintendo Entertainment System (who knows the true origin platform for this series?).  Bloodlines, featured in our first issue, has much more gore than the NES series (see the wolf boss) and a bit more challenge with branching paths.  Graphically the proceedings are darker and more brooding, perfect for Halloween.

2) Sacred Line: Genesis

The Sega Genesis getting new games decades after it was discontinued by Sega is a wild thought but it happens.  Take Sacred Line: Genesis for example.  It is a graphical adventure, a genre that was not all that well represented on the Genesis, and it is horror down to the bone.  Sasha Darko ported this from his PC release and it is definitely a game that you should try.  We covered it in the first issue of our magazine, here on the site a lot, and it is available in cartridge and ROM download form for Genesis and even on Steam.  Whew!

3) Haunting starring Polterguy

Okay, everyone will probably be talking about the latest Paranormal Activity release but you are stuck with your trusty Sega Genesis (or comparable clone).  What are you to do?  Why not play a cartoonish take on poltergeists and the like?  Here you are controlling the poltergeist and must rid your house of the humans in any way possible.  This can be by possessing household items or flat out appearing in front of them till they can’t stand it anymore and run out of your home screaming.  Fun times.  The kiddies could even enjoy this one.

4) Splatterhouse 2 & 3

This series is not one that you probably will want to play around people that are “too” young.  While there are no jump scares or anything, there is a fair bit of blood and guts involved as you are dismembering and slaughtering grotesque creatures.  Splatterhouse 2 is pretty much a retelling of the first title (Turbo Grafx-16 exclusive) in the same style – 2D side scrolling action.  Splatterhouse 3 is more of a brawler with branching paths through the mansion and some rather interesting enemies that really show off the loose requirements Sega had for the time period- that teddy bear man.  Oh man, that teddy bear.

5) Zombies Ate My Neighbors

This was the cover feature of our first issue (available here) and is still a title that, at least, places high on many a retro gaming fans list of all-time best games.  Played from an overhead point of view, you are tasked with taking out creatures such as zombies and face mask wearing freaks while saving the innocent people in the level.  The fun level is high, as is the challenge level.  May be too tough for the younger players but for everyone else, it is quite the fun jaunt through horror movie themed levels.

Okay folks, what are your favorite Halloween titles to enjoy on the Sega Genesis, or other consoles?

Carl Williams

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