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Phantasy Star I and II for Playstation 2 Translated into English by Fans

Okay, these fan translations are getting better and better.  The most recently released title, that most people reading this would actually care about, is Phantasy Star II.  Okay, you may be thinking, we got Phantasy Star II in English already on the Sega Genesis, um, a few decades ago.  You are right, we did.  This is not yet another re-translation of that version of the classic (there are plenty that correct the “Engrish” that Sega inserted).  This version is Phantasy Star II for the Playstation 2 console, from the Sega Ages 2500 series of Japanese only exclusives.  Yeah, that is right, this is the updated with better graphics, better audio, etc version that we never saw in North America (not sure why either).

These versions of Phantasy Star I and II were heavily updated for the Playstation 2 console in Japan.  Sega partnered with D3 Publisher (they went on to do stuff like Puzzle Quest among many quite good licensed games over the years).  This is not all too surprising looking back over their history as a game developer/publisher, Sega made a good choice here since they apparently had no interest in doing the fans a solid and creating it themselves.

Anyhow, this translation is not complete, it is an ongoing beta.  There are a lot of things that have been renamed, properly, from the original Japanese translation such as various armor and weapon items.  Purists, or people that want to play EVERY version of a game should check this one out- it is not a fanmake but the official Sega version, just now in English so the rest of us can enjoy it.Phantasy_Star_Sega_Ages_Japanese_translated_Playstation_retro_retrogaming

We cannot link to the actual page that contains this patches because they also offer the full game ISO’s (already patched) as a download.  This is a big problem for many of our supporters here at RGM so we cannot link it.  Remember, Google is your friend (we are big Bing users here though).

Carl Williams

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