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Shinseiki Evangelion: Koutetsu no Girlfriend Special Edition Now Available in English

Visual novels never really caught on in the United States.  The reasons are as varied as the stories that these games have featured over the years.  I think it was mostly due to bad marketing of the few that we did get here in North America.  Not only do fans, mostly, not know about this genre (and how prolific it is overseas) but publishers have no idea how to properly market any of it here.  While Anime is huge right now, and only growing, it still doesn’t mean that we are going to start seeing visual novels, or digital comics if you want (see issue #2 of our mag for a few good ones).  Publishers just don’t know how to market them.  Even the one major success in the United States in this category, Snatcher, was only able to achieve that status after the infestation of the Internet in our niche of the gaming world.  Those little details have not stopped fans from translating a visual novel that is based on one of the more popular Anime titles- Shinseiki Evangelion: Koutetsu no Girlfriend Special Edition

You won’t be piloting an Angel in this game, even though that is a big draw for the Anime it is based on.  No, here you are tasked with building a relationship with Mana, Asuka or Kanji.  Your choices in the various situations that you face will affect other parts of the story, usually in minute pieces (nothing really drastic happens in the moment to moment gameplay).

Fans of Evangelion will already be at the bottom of this article looking for the download links.  Everyone else, check out the Youtube video and see what you think (or if you are more of a reader, check out our second issue), visual novels are not for everyone.

Since Shinseiki Evangelion: Koutetsu no Girlfriend Special Edition is not freeware we cannot link to it here.  We can send you to for the translation patch though.

Carl Williams

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