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Fester’s Quest for Nintendo NES Improved via ROM Hack

Oh man, the crap that Sunsoft put us gamers through with Fester’s Quest on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  It could fill a short novella, easily.  From the cheap enemies to the colors of the bullets and those darn weapon downgraders- it was almost too much for many gamers.  It was too much for a lot of the potential audience, thank goodness for video game rental stores back in the day- they saved me more than a few bucks.  Now, thanks to some fans on the Internet, Fester’s Quest can be enjoyed the way it probably was meant to be enjoyed- minus most of the cheapness of the original version that Sunsoft threw at us.

Fester’s Quest was narrowly based on the television series, The Addams Family.  Taking on the role of the titular uncle Fester, you are tasked with saving the city from an alien invasion.  Along the way, other members of the family provide weapons, clues and other items to help you along in your quest.

You would think a game that uses the overhead shooter engine showcased in Blaster Master would be pretty decent.  Unfortunately, Sunsoft forgot to make Fester’s Quest, “fun”.  For one, they included these things that actually take your weapon DOWN in power- a big no-no in video games.  Second, your weapons are unable to fire through walls. Festers_Quest_Sunsof_Nintendo_NES_retro_retrogaming (1)

Thanks to fans though, both of these horrendous atrocities are rectified.  Now fans that are still willing to give Fester’s Quest a try can do it the way that Sunsoft probably should have released it in the first place.

We cannot link to the game ROM file since that is copyrighted but we can link to where you can get the ROM hack file to enjoy Fester’s Quest the right way.

Carl Williams

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