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Duke Nukem 3D for Sega Genesis to See World Wide Release, Pre-Orders Now Open

Duke Nukem 3D is a title that probably shouldn’t be running on the Sega Genesis, at least most 68000 series programmers will tell you that.  The classic computer title that made the jump to the console world was formerly only available in Brazil from TecToy.  Now, Piko Interactive has secured the rights to the Genesis version and are planning a world wide release, which you can order right now.

Okay, there were some consolations made to get Duke Nukem 3D running on the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive in Brazil).  First, there are no ceilings or floors (they are a solid color) and we only get one episode of the original trilogy- Lunar Apocalypse.  Is that a deal breaker on this?  Nah, this is a rescueware title that is worthy of the name (Piko Interactive are great purveyors of rescueware by the way).

Rescueware is simply titles that would have been lost to gamers if someone hadn’t stepped in and officially licensed the title.  Usually these titles are unfinished and require more investment to finish.  Sometimes, they are complete but still require proper packaging to be created (if the publisher goes all out on it).  Piko Interactive will be going all out on Duke Nukem 3D when it is sent to fans later this year.  The Piko Interactive release will feature the cartridge, a box (with artwork) and a manual.Duke_Nukem_3D_retro_retrogaming_Piko_Interactive_Sega_Genesis (2)

Interestingly, Piko Interactive are not going to Kickstarter to fund this release, like other publishers often do.  This is a gamble for Piko Interactive and one that we here at Retro Gaming Magazine are interested in seeing if it pays off or not.

Piko Interactive have rescued many titles over the years and brought them to popular services such as Steam.  Jim Power and Super Noah’s Ark 3D are two formerly Super Nintendo destined titles that Piko Interactive have fixed/finished and released on Valve’s Steam service.

Source: Piko Interactive press release

Purchase here: Piko Interactive Store

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