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Portland Retro Gaming Expo to Debut The Realm of No! A Text Adventure for Atari 2600

It is well known that the Atari 2600 was strictly a gaming console, there were no accessories like a full keyboard or disk drive released for it.  That is not stopping Michael Thomasson and his company, Good Deal Games, from releasing a full text based adventure title on Atari’s classic console.  Fans of Choose Your Own Adventure books will be right at home with The Realm of No! when it debuts at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo later this month.

Interestingly, The Realm of No! is based on an original game module from the Dungeons and Dragons role playing world.  For anyone that does not know what D&D is, it is a pen and paper role playing game series that people actually meet, in person, and sit down and play.  Most of our readers probably know about it already, either from playing the pen and paper version or one of the myriad computer and console games that use the license.  The Realm of No! is not an officially licensed D&D product so don’t go getting antsy looking for the Wizards of the Coast decal on the packaging.Realm_No_Atari_2600_Text_Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure books were basically early forms of the classic text adventure game.  You, as the protagonist, would be put in positions based on your decisions and only wits and understanding would get you out safely.  The Realm of No! takes that early gaming style and puts it on an Atari 2600 cartridge that features only 32k of space (most of our articles here on RGM are bigger than that).  There are 65 pages of text in The Realm of No! which is amazing considering the limitations of the hardware.  Good Deal Games promise that there is no flicker in the game even though it does push the Atari 2600 to its limits, and probably slightly passed them.

The Realm of No! was designed by Charles F. Gray and programmed by Greg Zumwalt.

Attendees of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo will be able to check out The Realm of No! in person as Good Deal Games will have it on hand.

To see the official announcement for The Realm of No! head over to Michael Thomasson’s Facebook page.


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