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Real3DOPlayer Brings Full Speed 3DO Emulation to Android

Ah, the 3DO, a console that will forever be remembered as either a system ahead of its time or just an oddity released between the SNES and Playstation.  No matter what you think of the 3DO, it was still an interesting system that went places that many gaming companies simply refused (though Sega and Atari did dabble here and there in the past).  One thing is for sure, 3DO consoles are still crazy expensive, especially for “just an oddity”, on Ebay and the good games are not cheap either (yes, there were more than one good game on this console- see here).  Well, an Android developer has recently released an emulator for the 3DO Multimedia Multiplayer on Android called Real3DOPlayer.

According to our friends over at Retrocollect, Real3DOPlayer is capable of playing many games at full speed on hardware as old as a dual core 1.5 Ghz ARM (your phone in your pocket more than likely meets this unofficial minimum requirement).  The main problem you are likely to run into with Real3DOPlayer is having enough space on your device for the games that you will want to play.  I do recommend that you use something with hardware buttons, or connect a controller (and look like an idiot) to your phone, to get the most out of Real3DOPlayer (onscreen buttons are going to make just about any game suck).

There are plenty of good games on the 3DO including those listed in our 10 best exclusive 3DO games article.  Others worth playing include Super Street Fighter II Turbo (fighting), Star Control II (strategy/RPG), Return Fire, Total Eclipse, Brain Dead 13 (like Dragon’s Lair) and The Daedalus Encounter (for Tia Carrere fans).  There are a few more worth playing so get out there, hit Ebay and crack open that pocket book and just enjoy.

Head over to Google Play to grab Real3DOPlayer on Android.

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One Response to “Real3DOPlayer Brings Full Speed 3DO Emulation to Android”

  1. Pinkie Pie says:

    Based on the excellent 4DO emulator for PC. If you don’t have an Android device head over here for the PC version:

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