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Rol’An’Go is a New Turn Based Strategy Title for Sega Genesis

New Sega Genesis games are still coming out, not as often as the Atari 2600 receives them but still better than nothing.  One new titles that I just found out about is Rol’An’Go by Atari Age forum member, Vetea.  What is unique about Rol’An’Go is that it is a turn based strategy game, similar to Gemfire, a Koei classic also on Sega Genesis.  Right now, the basics are solid in this new Sega Genesis game, there are just a few hurdles at this point that need to be gotten over.

There is no real story available at this time so I can skip that part without feeling guilty.  It is obviously going to be fantasy based so fans of Gemfire, Lord of the Rings, etc will be right at home here.

Rol’An’Go is being programmed in the BasiEgaXorz programming language, AKA Sega Genesis Basic.  This is not a “to the metal” programming language but you can see in the video below that it is good enough to create a complex game like Rol’An’Go.  Up till now we have seen a puzzle game, a Commando style game and now, a turn based strategy game.

Improvements on Rol’An’Go are fast coming as Atari Age forum member, Vetea, is continuing work on this game for PC and Mega Drive, AKA Sega Genesis.  There is now a “fog of war” implementation, better route artificial intelligence (AI) and names for most of the items in the demo that is available.

At this point, there is no combat available and animations are improving with each release.  I hope they go with battle scenes like what we saw in the Shining Force series rather than Gemfire.  While Koei’s choice was good, it was obviously best for multiple character display (troops rather than just a single soldier).  Rol’An’Go focuses on single character battles so again, please go with Shining Force style battles.

Head over to the Atari Age forums to check out more videos and additional screenshots of Rol’An’Go in action.

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