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5 New Games Prove the Commodore 64 is Not Dead

The Commodore 64 was officially released in 1982, actually turning 33 years old just last month, and still has new games coming out for it.  Talk about dependable.  Even Commodore themselves kept the computer alive for nearly 12 years before calling in the horses on this one.  That is quite a long time for a computer, especially one released before any real standard was decided upon by the marketplace (or boardroom dealings, take your pick).  I have been covering the Commodore 64 for a while now as it holds a place close to my heart.  I played mostly on my brother’s Commodore 64 and loved it- especially typing in games from Computes Gazette magazine.  In my previous collection of Commodore 64 games I looked at nearly nothing but action platform titles.  This time the list is going to be heavy on adventure titles similar to the King’s Quest, though action platformers are represented.

Daffy Duck and the Great Paint Caper

This is a unique title in that it was the first of Hi-Tech Expressions’ “Premiere Range” of titles- basically really high quality licensed games.  The Great Paint Caper is a mix of action and adventure, similar to Konami’s Nightshade on the NES.  What is a shame about this piece of “rescueware” is that it was so well received by gaming publications of the time.  It is now available so gamers can finally enjoy this classic.

Caren and the Tangled Tentacles v1


Traditional point and click titles are something of an oddity on the Commodore 64 but that has not stopped the developers of Caren and the Tangled Tentacles.  Making unique use of the joystick to give contextual actions is an ingenious move on their part for Caren.  I won’t spoil the storyline, just suffice to say, this is one of the better adventure titles that is definitely worth your time.  The detail in all of the various scenes, and there are a lot of them, is astounding.

Kevin in the Woods


Remember how the first two Metal Gear games were on the Nintendo NES?  That viewing angle is used to maximum impact with Kevin in the Woods.  There is less gunplay here than in those Konami classics which is made up for with a strong storyline and unique locations to visit.



Okay, fans of Maniac Mansion and the older, text based, King’s Quest games will be right at home with Awakening.  You are controlling a regular person doing a regular job (delivering mail to the top floor of a building) and then all hell breaks loose and you are now trying to escape with your life.  What more can you ask for in an adventure game?

Nuclear Nick


Take the level design of Lode Runner and then give it a 2.5D look, change the gold bars to various nuclear sounding items and bam- you have Nuclear Nick.  Much like titles like Impossible Mission and Lode Runner, missing the platform is probably going to mean instant death.  The challenge here is avoiding enemies, collecting all of the items in the level and making it to that exit.  Prepare yourself.

The Commodore 64 is the ultimate gaming platform for those interested in coding 8-Bit games.  Commodore left it wide open and it has only helped homebrew developers make it hum like it never has before.  We are seeing original titles, formerly commercial titles revived, finished and given proper releases and more.  Thank you Commodore.

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