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Alex Kidd is coming to the TI-99/4A Computer Thanks to Homebrew Developer

The classic, and completely forgotten by Sega, game Alex Kidd is being ported to the Texas Instruments 99/4A computer.  This is not an official port but one by a homebrew developer who just happens to be a huge Alex Kidd fanatic.  Some things were sacrificed for this port, which is to be expected as the hardware is quite different, such as graphical detail and some sound effects took a hit.  Other than that, this is Alex Kidd running on the Texas Instruments 99/4A. 

What started out as a straight, as straight as possible considering the hardware, port of Sega’s short lived during the 8-Bit day’s mascot is now fleshing out to become an original adventure in its own right.  Sure, there are going to be similarities to Sega’s classic Master System title but that is because this is a homage growing out of a port.  Don’t let the graphical similarities turn you off- if they do were you all that a serious fan of Alex Kidd in the first place?Alex_Kidd_Texas_Instruments_994A_Sega_Master_System_Atari_Age_Homebrewjpg (2)

Check out the videos that have been made available so far- Alex Kidd on the Texas Instruments 99/4A runs pretty smoothly.  That gives great hope that this will turn into a great port of the game to a new platform and a new set of gamers to enjoy (there are still gamers out there that play on just the 99/4A).

Work continues on Alex Kidd, improvements are planned for collision detection, controls and level design not to mention enemies.  This homage is much closer to the original than other similar homages that we have seen in the recent years such as Shadow of the Colossus and Mario Bros on the Atari 2600 or WipeOut also on the venerable Atari.  Maybe some ports just shouldn’t happen like the Super Mario 64 port to the Atari 2600- it is just  not even recognizable as part of the series they are named after.  Alex Kidd on the Texas Instruments 99/4A is pretty damn close though and that rocks.

Head over to Atari Age to follow the porting more closely.

Carl Williams

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