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Marble Mountain Reminds Us of another Classic Retro Title, Marble Madness, on Steam Greenlight

Marble Madness, a classic arcade title that was fairly popular back around the end of the Nintendo Entertainment System days into the early Sega Genesis era.  Back then “isometric” titles were somewhat all the rage with game developers.  Isometric viewpoints allowed a bit of depth that previously was not capable on the hardware of the day, while not taxing the hardware too much.  Marble Madness was released in a time when games were tough as nails and not ashamed to shove your face in the mud, step on your back and walk away with your lunch money.  It remains to be seen if Marble Mountain will retain that toughness but otherwise, this is a spiritual update to Marble Madness.

The team at Lightning Rock call Marble Mountain a blend of Marble Madness with an Indiana Jones style adventure.  Judging by the screen shots, I am of the mindset that they are not too far off in that comparison.  The levels are apparently hand crafted, feature puzzles of skill and timing and plenty of obstacles such as evil skulls and trapdoors just to name a few.  There will be 25 expansive levels to traverse in Marble Mountain.

3D adventure with curves, no it is not a new Lara Croft game, it is Marble Mountain!

Marble Mountain will feature keyboard or controller support, a minimal user interface and full virtual reality support.  That last one is interesting when coupled with the minimal user interface.  I hope they are going to be supporting most of the virtual reality headsets that are in development, or available.  That would be pretty cool to be able to play Marble Mountain in an inclusive environment that VR offers.

Right now, Marble Mountain is sitting on Steam Greenlight, having reached 50% of the needed votes in less than 48 hours.  Quite an accomplishment for an indie developer out of Canberra Australia.

Head over to Steam Greenlight and cast your vote for Marble Mountain.  We don’t see many Marble Madness homages so support the good ones that we do see.


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