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Fans Translate Pachinko Daisakusen 1 and 2 for Nintendo NES, Castlevania fans this is Your Future

With the announcement that Konami is taking Castlevania to the Pachinko world many gamers went into one of three camps. One camp is mad that it is not a new action Castlevania game.  Another camp is happy that it is an “erotic” Pachinko game.  Finally, the last camp is like “What the hell is Pachinko?”  We are going to address that third camp here, the others are pretty self-explanatory already.  Pachinko may be familiar to United States based gamers thanks to The Price is Right’s Plinko game, which was “similar” but not quite the same.

Pachinko is a game from Japan that involves balls falling from the top of the screen into a pit of pegs and pockets.  The pegs will bounce your ball all over the place as they fall, the strategy is getting your ball in the right pocket to win points and prizes.  Personally, sounds like a lot of luck but there are gambling halls dedicated to this game in the Asian area of the world.

Pachinko Daisakusen 1 and 2 are adventure games, something akin to Casino Kid and Wall Street Kid, both for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and King of Casino for the Turbo Grafx-16.  You are tasked with a rudimentary story and various challenges to complete to advance that story.  The games are just your means of extracting the cash/points to satisfy the requirements of the character you are pleasing at that moment.

Graphically you can expect a similar style as the two “Kid” games mentioned above- this is the 8-Bit Nintendo Entertainment System after all.  Nothing too fancy but serviceable for what we are going for here.

Interestingly, while Pachinko is not all that popular in the United States, it is huge elsewhere in the world.  Many Castlevania fans are upset over the “erotic” Pachinko (Kotaku link) game that is coming out using characters and the like but that is not the first time Pachinko has crossed into gaming.  There were apparently Pachinko games in Super Mario Sunshine, Monkey Ball and even Scribblenauts.  There are many gaming related Pachinko machines/games too including one for Tekken of all things and many that feature Godzilla (of course, it is Japan).

We cannot link to Pachinko Daisakusen 1 and 2 game files, they are not freeware, but we can link to ROMHacking for the patch files.  Part one is here and its sequel is available here.

Carl Williams

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