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Star Fox 2, Unreleased Super Nintendo Title, Now Available in Russian

Okay, it is probably a little weird for most of our readers that we are covering a fan translation of an unreleased Super Nintendo title.  It is not, we do this from time to time, just not recently.  The weird part may be that we are covering the Russian language translation of that unreleased Super Nintendo title.  We have done many articles on Russian games and a few on fan translations to Spanish but I don’t think we have covered a fan translation to Russian yet.  Star Fox 2 now being available in Russian has changed that, if it needed to be changed.  Thanks to fans Russian gamers can finally enjoy a Super Nintendo title that, even if it was released, probably would never have reached their country anyhow.  Double score.

Star Fox 2 continues the tale of Fox McCloud, an anthropomorphic character, and his effort to stop the evil Andross Empire (think something along the lines of Star Wars meeting the Muppets).  This game introduced two new female characters, Miyu and Fay and new gameplay elements that were missing in the first game.  The first Star Fox game was obviously more arcade oriented and direct with the action.  Star Fox 2 keeps some of that but adds in a bit more exploration and adventure- something akin to the Wing Commander series of games.

Star_Fox_2_Nintenndo_SNES_unreleased_Beta_Russian_fan_translation (1)

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Interestingly there is quite a strategic element to Star Fox 2 which requires you to manage battles across the galaxy on multiple planets and areas in space.  This is all going on at the same time- there is not much letting up in the action but that strategy element compounds your problems.

At this point the Russian translation is not “complete” but it is, according to “KenshinX”, “fully playable”.  This version is based on the French fan translation (oh yeah, fans are taking Star Fox 2 all over the world).

Star_Fox_2_Nintenndo_SNES_unreleased_Beta_Russian_fan_translation (2)

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Since this is an unreleased game that Nintendo has not released into the public domain, we cannot link to anywhere to get the game file.  We can however direct you to where you can get the translation patch.

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