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Fans Correct and Expand Earthbound on Super Nintendo with Mother 2 Deluxe Release

It is no secret that there is a huge, monstrous, following for Earthbound.  That is why I sit here writing about Mother 2 Deluxe, Mother was the Japanese name for Earthbound for those that don’t know.  This is quite the fan hack of what we saw on the Super Nintendo oh so many years ago.  Many things are fixed, updated and flat out changed in this update- it is up to the fans to decide if it is a worthy update though.

In development for half a decade, Mother 2 was one of the lengthier stories for the Super Nintendo.  Hitting the United States in 1995 as Earthbound, Nintendo took on a unique marketing campaign.  As they had a good bit of success dropping their “kiddie” image and forging ahead after an older demographic.  Advertising in magazines featured innovative, for video games but not perfume, “scratch and sniff” pieces that were not exactly favorable of the game characters that you will encounter.  It was genius marketing on the part of Nintendo and it worked.  Earthbound, while not setting off to the #1 in sales, did create quite a cult following that is only growing as more fans discover the series.

Now, what is different in this hack?  Well, to begin with, let’s go with what has mentioned:

Increased difficulty via different enemy attacks
Redrawn, repaletted, and brand new sprites
Repaletted tilesets
All new PSI and mechanics to many abilities
Translated more faithfully to the Japanese text
New items
Revamped items and stats, including new menu windows
New overworld enemy sprites

That is quite a list of improvements for what is effectively a 20 year old Super Nintendo title.  It just goes to show that fans of this series are willing to put forth the effort to improve it, even two decades later.  Nintendo, take note- rather than contacting lawyers and stopping these things, why not contact the dev centers and capitalize on it?

We cannot link directly to sites that contain the game itself for download because Nintendo has not released Earthbound/Mother 2 into the public domain.  We can however link to where you can get this improvement patch.

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