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Amazing Action Platform Title, Majesty of Sprites, Comes to the Commodore Plus/4

When you think of gaming in the style of Super Mario Brothers or Sonic the Hedgehog you probably would never see the Commodore Plus/4 make your list of platforms.  Hell, Commodore engineers are probably reading this and thinking, “What the hell?  Console style action platform gaming on the Plus/4?  No way.”  Yes way.  Majesty of Sprites is just that, and it is available for the Commodore Plus/4 right now.  The question as to why this is just a news article and not a review is simple- this one has to be played and enjoyed to be given a fair review.

Playing as Kate you are stuck in a fantasy land of make believe where faeries and the like live.  It is not all fantasy with dragons in Majesty of Sprites.  Each level is slightly different than the last, in early levels you are fighting skeletons and similar enemies.  Later levels feature more futuristic landscapes along with more natural looking ones and enemies to go with them.  You are not just traversing one overall fantasy world but more of a galaxy of planets in Majesty of Sprites.

What is also interesting about Majesty of Sprites is that you can purchase it, right now, from Psytronik Software.  That is right, for those that wish to keep homebrew development alive by supporting companies that support this hobby, you can do that.  Imagine this, a Commodore Plus/4 game, a new one at that, available on physical media.  It is 2015 and we can say that.  Who would have thought that that would be true back in the early 80’s?  Who would have thought a game like Majesty of Sprites would be possible on the Commodore Plus/4?

Another eye opening game that we have covered is Sam’s Journey on the Commodore 64- a title that literally should not be possible on the hardware.  Both Sam’s Journey and Majesty of Sprites prove that those that wish to create will find a way, regardless of what we think the limitations are.

Majesty of Sprites by Psytronik
Platform: Commodore Plus/4
Available now from Psytronik and also as a free download

Source: Indie Retro News

Carl Williams

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