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Wreckfest is the Spiritual Successor of Playstation One Classic Series, Demolition Derby

When the original Playstation launched in the mid 90’s Sony was in a pickle.  They had this really cool, pretty powerful console, but no real experience in launching such hardware to the gaming world.  They did the only thing that they really could do at the time and that was promote the differences of their console versus those of the competition like the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis and even the Sega Saturn (depending on who you ask the 3DO and Atari Jaguar were either competition or not).  The best way to promote the differences between the PSOne and everyone else was to push the 3D capabilities of the console, to the detriment of 2D content early on.  One title that rocked the world of those that played it was Demolition Derby by Psygnosis (later to become a Sony subsidiary development team).  Destroying cars in 3D was something that was only available on Playstation.  Wreckfest is looking to bring back that fun, this time for Steam users.

To come out with a demolition derby style game today you have to have a mad physics engine running.  Wreckfest definitely appears to have that in spades as evidenced by some of the non-racing options available.  There are arenas that allow Flatout! style antics such as getting shot out of a cannon and through hoops and there is one that has giant hammers doing their thing and your car reacting realistically.  Definitely an interesting addition to the usual straight up racing and destruction arenas that gamers require for a game to be called a “racing game”.

For anyone that has ever went to watch a destruction derby in person, it is an experience that is hard to capture in a game.  As physics get better and things improve graphically though, we are surely going to get better at replicating it.  For now, there is Wreckfest, grab it on Steam Early Access and watch as the game improves, or wait for the final release.

Wreckfest by Bugbear
Platform: Steam
Genre: Racing, destruction
Available now on Steam Early Access


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