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Dollhouse coming to the Playstation 4, PC, Mac and Linux, Horror Fans Prepare

Horror.  This is a genre that has not exactly been able to take off with gaming.  Sure, titles like Resident Evil are promoted as “survival horror” but there is not much “horror” to be had in that whole series (the dogs is one of the few scare moments I remember).  Horror games are in a sticky situation by their very nature- how do you make something scary when the player has near complete control over what happens?  First, you take a cue from Ultima and let the player shape their character based on decisions and then you mix in some procedurally generated gameplay based on those decisions and crank the creepy stuff up to 11.  That is a start.

At this point there is really only the preview trailer available to show off what Dollhouse is about.  Judging by that video, it is one messed up ride.  At first I thought it was going to be like Mansion of Hidden Souls on the Sega CD but then it goes all Silent Hill creepiness and even reminds me of that movie Sucker Punch a bit.

The story is told mainly through a narrative style conveyance which will change depending on how you play the game.  Couple this dynamic narrative with some seriously creepy graphics and weird antics going on and you can see how things get hairy real quickly.

Dollhouse is another “film noire” style game.  For fans of the genre, other entries include Ma Payne 1 and 2 and Heavy Rain among a few others.  Retrogaming fans will remember other titles in this style, Déjà vu 1 and 2.  None of those games have taken the film noire style and added it to a horror game that intends to creep you the hell out from the moment you start playing.  Interesting.

Dollhouse by SOEDESCO
Developer: Creazn
Platform: Playstation 4, PC, Linux and Macintosh
Genre: Horror
Rated: Really?  You have to ask?
Available sometime in 2016

Carl Williams

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