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Bomberman Coming to the Colecovision via Homebrew Developers

Bomberman was one of the few cross platform games of the 16-Bit generation that was also a great party game.  You could grab a few friends, depending on the platform it was played on it could be more than 8, and you knew that you were going to have one hell of a night.  Now thanks to homebrew developer Alekmaul we are now seeing a version of Bomberman coming to the Colecovision console.  Keep in mind, the Colecovision dropped off the store shelves about 30 years ago, or so, unless you count those “replay” consoles that are ‘somewhat’ popular nowadays.  New games are welcome is what I am getting at just there may not be that many people with working hardware to enjoy them.

There is a story available which is shown through cutscenes between certain levels.  At least there is that, it could give single players a reason to give the regular game a go rather than just waiting for friends to come over and only play RobeeBlaster with them.

Alekmaul is the person behind other homebrew releases, for the Super Nintendo, such as UWOL Quest for Money.  That gives high hopes for RobeeBlaster, the port of Bomberman for Colecovision.  For those wondering, and not able to (or don’t want to) load the Youtube video of RobeeBlaster in action, it is similar graphically to the Nintendo Entertainment System versions of Bomberman.  RobeeBlaster will be four player enabled thanks to a special cable that will allow two more controllers to be used on the Colecovision.  How this cable will work is unknown at this point, will it be a hub like the “four player” sports adapters that we saw on the Sega Genesis or will it be more like the daisy chain method that the 3DO used for its multiplayer games.

Source: Retrocollect

Carl Williams

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