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The Last Dogma Now Available on Steam, From the Creator of Sacred Line

Sacred Line, a graphical text adventure similar to what we saw in Snatcher, was not the first game of its type.  Sasha Darko has not been resting but rather continuing to develop more games such as The Last Dogma.  What is interesting about The Last Dogma is that it is not your typical videogame either in story or in gameplay.  Something that is only touched upon in games is blown to the front and center in The Last Dogma which makes me wonder, maybe we need more like this.

In The Last Dogma we see political themes explored, not like in Call of Duty and other modern first person shooters.  No, here we are seeing a “what if” situation based on the Cold War that consumed most of the 20th century.  Things didn’t work out all that well for the United States and now they are more than a little upset over their position after the Cold War and they are doing something about it.  Playing as Sebastian Arise who is an ATF special agent you are employed in the position of taking out local firearms dealers.  After what was supposed to be a routine day goes to hell, Sebastian is thrust into the cannibalistic world of the “Holy Intentions” cult.  What happens next is a wild romp through time starting in 1366 A.D. as you are trying to stop events from unfolding, events that you probably won’t succeed at stopping.  That won’t stop you from trying though.

The reviews on Steam are tearing this one apart but for those interested in something different, The Last Dogma may just be what you are looking for.  It is a dark comedy that pulls heavily on religion, politics and just about everything in between so you may need a thick skin to enjoy this one.

The Last Dogma by Sasha Darko
Platform: Steam (PC)
Genre: Adventure, dark comedy, political
Rated: Mature audiences
Available now on Steam

Coverage we have done for Sasha Darko’s Sacred Line is available here.  Our review of Sacred Line: Genesis was featured in issue #2 of RGM.

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