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What if Shenmue Was Made Like Mega Man?

Shenmue, the apple of many a gamers eye as evidenced by that recent Kickstarter campaign, is getting quite a bit of press lately (look at our coverage for example).  This is just how it goes though, the more people clicking, reading and sharing content just makes producers create more content in that vein.  Peter Sjöstrand of Youtube fame has taken on a challenge that is rather interesting.  What if Shenmue was made like Mega Man?  We find out below.

This is not just a video of a Mega Man hack, it is an animation video, but the feel is there.  There are plenty of enemies from Shenmue, a toy vending machine boss battle and even a fight on top of a moving bus in the style of Quick Time events.  Rush the dog even makes an appearance but he doesn’t transform in to your normal Mega Man style machines, no here he is transforming into a forklift that you can use to plow through tons of enemies.

The boss characters are modeled after enemies in Shenmue also.  The animations of the characters is classic Mega Man, down to the powerup notification screen when you beat a boss.  This is a labor of love and it shows through and through.

The only thing that would be cool to see more of is iconic locations from Shenmue.  In the video we see a bland looking cityscape that could be anywhere really.  Give us the dojo or something else from Shenmue that would be super easy to identify with.  What is here is obviously a show off video and not meant to be a real game but it would be cool if the fan service was little more spot on.

Tell us if you know of any other fun videos like this that we need to feature via the comments below or the contact button at the top of the page.


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