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Mortal Kombat Netherrealm Journey on Atari 2600 Work in Progress

Everyone that is reading this knows that Mortal Kombat never saw release on the Atari 2600.  If you didn’t, now you do.  That has not stopped indie developer and Atari Age forum member, Facemeat, from creating an action adventure title set in the Mortal Kombat world for the classic Atari console.  Mortal Kombat Netherrealm Journey is a 2D side scrolling action adventure that is actually pretty good considering the limitations of the platform.  Think Mortal Kombat meets Pitfall and you will be pretty close to what you will get in Netherrealm Journey.

There is quite a bit of interactivity going on in Netherrealm Journey.  There are moving pits, ropes to swing on and more awaiting those willing to take the challenge to find the portal back to Earthrealm.  The fun is in actually finding that portal which is probably conveniently placed at the end of the last level right after you beat a big bad boss of some sort. Mortal_Kombat_Atari_2600_Age_Pitfall_action_Netherrealm_Earthrealm (1)

The Atari 2600 is quite crippled in the hardware department, especially in detail and number of colors on the screen at one time.  That has not stopped Facemeat from creating something that is pretty cool.  He has taken Pitfall style gameplay and mixed it with Pitfall style gameplay.  Pretty good company to be in there if you ask me.  While the current Mortal Kombat games are getting hammered for In App Purchases, the classic titles are not all that bad, and only once or twice attempted something in this style (they haven’t done it to death).

If you head over to Atari Age you can find out how to play as characters other than Scorpion.  Reptile, Sub-Zero, Ermac, Rain, Smoke and Noob all make an appearance if you know the proper code to use them.

Source: Atari Age forums

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