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New SD Card Interface for Commodore Amiga Work in Progress

It is growing trend to see SD card adapters for classic retrogaming hardware such as the Sega Saturn and the original Playstation (or Playstation One, just for fun).  Soon we will be able to add the Commodore Amiga to this list of classic retro gaming hardware that has an SD card adapter available.  Right now it is a work in progress but it is certainly working as evidenced in the video below.

Fernando Pena, aka “ferix” on the English Amiga Board, is the person behind this extremely cool piece of tech.  Anyone that has been around computers or cell phones for the last decade or so knows what an SD card is (basically a physically small, but high in memory hard drive that has no moving parts).  The reason this SD card adapter for the Commodore Amiga is so interesting is quite simple.  As old 5.25” and 3.5” disks age they will begin to fail due to age.  The quality of the materials that these disks are made of is not known for archival quality, rather the materials were chosen because they were cheap.  With and SD card adapter gamers can now store their, legally purchased, games on an SD card rather than a disks that will fail, eventually.

Right now the price of this SD Card adapter is not available but we will keep you posted when it is.

Similar projects for other retrogaming hardware include a USB mass storage option for the Sega Dreamcast which accepts SD cards via adapter and other USB mass storage.  These options are similar to “mod carts” for consoles such as the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Intellivision to name a few.  The only difference is the storage options are somewhat cheaper for gamers (if you go the do it yourself route).

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